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« Pour partir du bon pied,

encore faut-il savoir vers où aller » – Moi


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De touchants témoignages de collaborateurs, clients et collègues en provenance de ma page LinkedIn.

Normand is an excellent creative dude with remarkable strategic thinking. If you work on an innovative project, something that does not yet exist, you can count on him to deliver it on time with extra pepperoni and cheese. He can be very result driven, but  his derisive side is never too far. With Normand, you can expect lots of fun during each phase of the project
David-Alexandre Tanguay, VP Strategic Planning & Partner, Minimal MTL
Que ce soit comme client ou comme partenaire, Normand est une référence pour moi. Son talent et son expérience font de lui un stratège incontournable, un soundingboard percutant.
Nathalie Lacoste, Owner & CEO, Équation Humaine
What an open mind and expert in his domain !! Normand provided great value in all projects we worked on togehter. From the discovery phases and the understanding of the values of the brands at hand (some of them were strong and well established ones, the stakes were very high) through the research phase to the solutions proposed the journey has each time been pleasant, fruitfull and yielded great results
Zouhaire Sekkat, VP Strategy and Business Development, Readbooks Technology